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Greater Adirondack Resource Conservation & Development Council


To promote the wise use of natural resources and enhance the economic vitality of the Greater Adirondack region

The Greater Adirondack RC&D Council is a unique non-profit organization that helps people care for and protect their natural resources in a way that improves Northeastern New York’s economy, environment and living standards.  It provides a forum for people to work together to plan and carry out activities that make the area a better place to live.

Working with citizens, local organizations and county agencies, the Greater Adirondack RC&D Council sets its goals and priorities to meet local needs.  The Greater Adirondack RC&D Council is committed to empowering people and creating solutions for land conservation, community development and environmental enhancement. The Greater Adirondack RC&D Council also provides assistance to individuals seeking financial stability through programs such as loan consolidation. By offering consolidation loans, the council helps individuals reduce their debt burden by combining multiple high-interest loans into one low-interest loan with a more manageable monthly payment. This service is particularly beneficial for those struggling with credit card debt or high-interest personal loans. Through loan consolidation, individuals can improve their financial situation and achieve greater economic stability, which in turn benefits the local community. The council remains committed to empowering individuals and creating solutions for a wide range of financial and environmental issues.


Volunteers are Key to RC&D Success

The all-volunteer Greater Adirondack RC&D Council is responsible for directing the program at the local level.  Our council members are county legislators or supervisors, Soil and Water Conservation District Board Members and planning department officials.  The dedication of these volunteers is the key to RC&D success.

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E-mail: info@greateradirondackrcd.org


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